One Positive Thought is a clothing company that empowers others by helping to fund projects that make this world a better place to call home. 

Our mission: encourage and empower others to
choose to be an optimist.

what we do

The designs for each collection of apparel are inspired by and dedicated to specific categories of community-initated projects. Proceeds from each sale will go directly to project needs:

  • ORIGINAL: This collection allows us to donate wherever there is an urgent need for funding. Whether it's to help build a clinic in a village or to provide books for students, we are on it.
  • HEART: These designs are inspired by the greatest Optimist of O.P.T. and dedicated to supporting cancer research, treatment, and survivorship programs. 
  • EDUCATION: Proceeds from this collection go towards projects that focus on the empowerment of girls through better access to education. We believe in equality. 
  • ENVIRONMENT: From planting trees to programs that educate farmers on the importance of more environmentally sustainable practices, this collection is taking care of the planet.

One Positive Thought isn't just believing in the one positive thoughts around the world; it's a call to action to live it.

who we are

Contrary to the name, One Positive Thought came from a place of despair and doubt. The concept started to form in my darkest and most defeated hours before I was even aware that I was writing the first chapter of the One Positive Thought story at the age of 24 when I was in the Peace Corps.

I grew up in a world where I didn't have to worry if I'd have enough food to eat, if I'd have to miss school when I was nine years old to help support my family, and getting married off in eighth grade would never be a decision I'd have to consider. While in the Peace Corps, I met people who lived in a world where these concerns were their actual situations. Here's the thing: we all live in the same world. There were several days, weeks, and months when I felt so powerless, but every time I started to doubt if change was possible, it was the one positive thoughts coming from my family, friends, fellow Peace Corps volunteers and staff, colleagues, and students that kept me going. 

These experiences forever changed who I am. It was the first time I really understood the power of optimism and realized that the way to change the way we live is by changing the way we think.

So that's who we are, and that includes you. If you're here, we're in this together to make our world a better place to call home. I cannot tell you enough times how grateful I am for your support because I will be forever grateful--and a special shoutout to the good, good people of Des Moines.

Thank you.

Joany, Founder of O.P.T.