False Start

Handlettering & Illustration by Ashleigh Brady

Handlettering & Illustration by Ashleigh Brady

Sometimes we get so excited about the thing we are about to do that we take off running full-speed before the starting gun is fired.

That's kind of what we did a couple of weeks ago.

Our website wasn't ready, we outsourced our online store to an existing marketplace, and our first cause partner didn't align like we had hoped it would. We were so excited about showing you what we had been working so hard on, that we overlooked some pretty key elements to making a good first impression.

We had a pretty good (or bad) false start.

And that's okay.

You don't always have to have everything figured out to start moving forward. Sometimes action is all you need to learn the steps you should be taking. Mistakes will happen and you'll feel like you failed a little bit.

And that is also okay.

We learned a lot. 

Most of all we learned that choosing action over inaction was the best choice for us. By choosing action, we will be sending out six prints with  positive messages to people in the next couple of days as well as, raised funds to support Charity Water's response to the Nepal Earthquake.

Those are the things that get us excited about One Positive Thought and the journey we hope it takes us on.

So, here's to moving forward and not having it all together - here's to being determined to do what you love and inviting people like yourself to be a part of the journey.

- Ashleigh

Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.
— Norman Vincent Peale

Ready, Set, Go. Repeat.

A friend having fun with his ropes while climbing in Pictured Rocks, Iowa.

A friend having fun with his ropes while climbing in Pictured Rocks, Iowa.

Like all epic stories, ours started at a tiny dive bar.

It was December 17, 2013, and we were celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend. Ashleigh and I were standing at the bar of Cooney's, a local dive bar, waiting to order our next round of drinks when we began the conversation of creating a crowd-funding platform.

In the past, she and I had both worked separately with individuals and organizations on a local and global scale where a major obstacle that stood between identifying a need and implementing change was money. We wanted to create a fundraising platform that was more accessible to people who did not have dispensable funds or the ability to compete with larger institutions to apply for grants. It's not about money, but money can help turn ideas into progress and create a sustainable structure.

But before progress, before change, before funds, it first begins with one simple idea--one positive idea. 

And a whole lot of grit. 

One Positive Thought has had multiple attempts to get started and an equal number of failures, but we celebrated the small wins and learned from our mistakes. Over a year later, we're still standing, although it wasn't always the case. Not everything in life is worth fighting for, but the things that are--all that is good and right in your world--you must fight until your heart bleeds. And you will have to fight. You will have to fight giving in to failures. You will have to fight apathy and discouragement. You will have to refuse to believe that you can't walk out that door one more time to try again. You don't have to be fearless, but you do need to be brave. 

So, here we are. We're on a mission to be the change this world needs, and we're doing it by breathing life into the one positive thoughts of the world. That's our plan. Our strategy is to connect believers of good, so they can become doers of good. It's driven by hope, and the message is shared through design. 

Our story is your story: just tryin' to do the damn thang.