Create a better place to call home.

This collection allows us to donate wherever there is an urgent need for funding, whether it's to help build a clinic in a village or providing books for students, we are on it. It's inspired by all the optimists out in the world who choose hope. 


Live life with passion.

These designs are inspired by the greatest Optimist of One Positive Thought: a heart filled with incredible love, compassion, kindness, and an indomitable spirit for adventure, he showed us how to handle all of life's ups and downs with gratitude and grace. 

Proceeds from this collection are dedicated to supporting cancer research, treatment, and survivorship programs.


Believe in equality. Let girls learn.

These designs are dedicated to all the men, women, and children who believe every girl has the right to every opportunity as every boy. The Empowerment Collection is inspired by all the ladies who show the world everyday that to do anything "Like A Girl" means to do it with strength, intelligence, and courage. Yes, she can. 

Proceeds from this collection go towards projects that focus on the empowerment of girls through better access to education. 


Take care of our future.

From planting trees to programs that educate farmers on the importance of more environmentally sustainable practices, this collection is taking care of the planet.